Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 Miss Showgirl Ball

Congratulations to all the Miss Showgirl entrants!

We hope you had an enjoyable, entertaining and fun filled night.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Inverell show on the 26, 27 & 28 February.

Each table setting had a different colour balloon on top of each arrangement accented by matching colour tissue paper in the regency printed box.

The boxes were detailed with silver foil embellishments and attached to join the co ordinating ribbons around the box.

Regency box

Balloons n Stuf designed these bouquets and donated them to the Inverell Showgirl Ball held Saturday 21st February 2009.
The theme started with black and white and then Balloons n Stuf added the colour to remind us of all the 'fun times at the show'. The white gloss boxes stamped with regency print in black were chosen to represent style and elegance of the Showgirls.

Us Girls

I'm so proud and amazed that the girls were up this early to have photos!! Craig would like to rename this photo Miranda, Monique & Mrs Blog, yeah good onya! It keeps me out of trouble and off his back, really I don't think he minds at all. Unfortunately our youngest couldn't be there but with her permission I'll catch her doing some good one day and post her on the blog too. She has a 16th coming up soon.

Craig & the girls

The night after, please forgive us...

Birthday Cupcakes

Looks like these cupcakes have already started the party without us. Compliments of IGA would you believe? Who would of thought! We did try our best to have some beauties designed and prepared for us by the well known cupcake company, I Dream of Cupcakes, in Byron but they were just too busy to squeeze another order in at late notice. I didn't now they existed until it was too late. Oh well Miranda loved them anyway.

Monique started Uni

Bring on the Pressies!

The 21st Party, Thai @ Byron

Some of the folks, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends & siblings.
We had a top time at Thai @ Byron, we sat outside in the breezeway . I felt really at home there, we were all treated exceptional. We'll be back!

Happy 21st Miranda

This is Miranda trying to get ready for her big night out but we kept hitting her with surprises. she couldn't believe the size of these balloons!! Little bugger wouldn't let us take them out for the night though, they stayed behind with flatmates. Don't worry we had another one or two waiting in the car didn't we?

We made a decorated box with tiara, wand , lights, balloons etc which she could use a little later on into the night. We picked up some little itsy bitsy cupcakes and took along to the restaurant for her b' day cake.

Miranda chose the Thai @ Byron to celebrate her 21st, they added heaps of fun to the night, especially when they sneaked out behind her with a special dessert treat while showering her with bubbles, singing Happy Birthday and waving sparklers around her absolutely treating her like a princess for the night. The food was great and the company superb, us 'oldies' were even asked to help celebrate at the Beach House YES!! However , we went along for a brief 'look see' and then after a while we retreated to our humble accommodation to celebrate and wonder where the heck the years have gone............

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Girl

Firstly, I have not posted for a few days as I have been very busy with valentines day and keeping my eye on the news in regards to the Victorian Bushfires.
I felt very distressed about the lives that have been lost recently and wish i could do something to help families in need. It appears that financial donations are one of the best options at the moment and i urge everyone who cannot help with other volunteer services or offer any specialist skills, to make a donation as little as it may be.....Thankyou:-)

Thankyou for all the support from everyone who ordered balloons and arrangements from Balloons n Stuf for our first Valentines Day. I hope everyone received gorgeous gifts and shared a beautiful day with loved ones on Saturday. We were very busy with orders and to make things a little bit tighter I decided to make a few specially designed heart shaped chocolate brownie for the occasion. The aroma was devine, let me tell you, and I was tempted to think twice about selling them, however ..............I approached a couple of businesses in town and asked if they would like to see just how well the brownies would sell.

One store in particular, The Albion Store on Glen Innes rd, tastetested my brownies and were very happy to recommend these as 'absolutely beautiful'. They done so well with my chockies on friday that I needed to up my supply on saturday!! My brownies will be sold under the name of 'passion4pink' in future(just in case your lookingLOL), Why!? because I am on a sole searching trip again and I looking back to things that make me feel good and i have always, always loved PINK !!

Thank goodness too! because I have raised 3 girls over the past 21 years this wednesday and there has been a lot of pink around. This week i am heading to Beautiful Byron Bay to meet up with family and friends for Miranda's big 21st birthday bash.

Just a bit about the girl... named after Miranda Kerr from Gunnedah where my Miranda was born. I decided i would name my first born girl, Miranda after seeing Miranda Kerr as a young toddler, a cute little dark headed girl with absolute impeccable manners with her mum in the shopping centre where i worked. I just felt then that she had star quality and wanted a role model for my baby to look upto. We have followed the path of Miranda (Kerr) and we are very proud to have the Gunnedah connection.

I am very proud of my Miranda who has turned into a gorgeous young woman as I imagined she would. There was a time, a long time ago........... that I prayed that I would live to see the day that she turned 21 and fortunately with many prayers here we are with in 2 days of the date...............Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you !!!

and there's more........ Monique (19) is starting University in Lismore this week to study Tourism and Hospitality Management, Go Girl we know you can do it !!! I hope she can pay me back after 3 years with her services and connections LOL.

I ll post some photos when i return in a few days.......

Friday, February 6, 2009


This could be a Sweet 16 gift too!!

Lasts for at least a week!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


What a fantastic idea for any occasion, this one is to say Goodluck to a colleague, leaving work. The clear balloons with star feature smaller balloons on the inside,they're called Gumballs or displying one only larger balloon on the inside we call 'Insiders'. THis bouquet was only $50 delivered!!