Sunday, March 29, 2009


This arrangement was made for an engagement party surprise,
Balloons n stuf can help you you choose just the right balloons for any special occassion.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Market Day

We were up very early this morning, STILL DARK!
But Craig & I were keen to set up a stall at our first market. Today's market's were held at the Masonic Hall in Otho St, Inverell today, this is a new venue for Inverell crafters & others to display there goods & wares.
We were quite proud of ourselves for first timers, not sure what to expect but stayed positive & put on a brave face. A lot of worry for nothing I must say. All the people who passed our way would stop & say hello & were willing to listen to our sales pitch.
We had a good day selling single balloons on pegs for the kiddies, some arrangements, deliveries & orders. Then we had to rush off early to catch up for appointments with 3 different groups for costumes to buy/hire..
We had some genuine enquiries into decorating for events & weddings, and a party was also booked, so I would consider it 'not a bad day after all'.
What a cute little fella in the next post, he was one I didn't let get away, he fancied the chicken balloon from Old Mcdonald's farm designs.

Another Satisfied Customer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wedding Organiser

Planning your wedding ?

Hint 1: If you don't want to turn into Bridezilla, don't leave everything to the last minute.
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all you need to do is go to
Table decor courtesy of

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Hitched Wedding Invite

I found this whimsical little invite yesterday at
What a lot of fun!!
Brides to B could make their own invites similar to this design, just change the date to match your 'Special Day'. You wouldn't need to be too artistic but if you are a bit unsure why not seek out a clever friend or bridesmaid.
I am imagining this on a gorgeous white cardstock placed over a black and white regency/baroque style printed card. This black and white design is very much 'in' , its everywhere on papers & fabrics.
Complete your invites with some little pearl studs and some of the beautiful ribbons that can be found in our stores today or on line.
Add some favorite ribbons, I seen some fushia pink satin ones first thing this morning for only $2 a roll!! some had dotty designs too!! Love, Love, Love it!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spectacular Arabian Night Theme

I just had to share these photos with you all. Who would have thought there was so much you could do with balloons.

What a fantastic transformation from a bare town hall to this spectacular event hosted by two parties in Gunnedah last weekend.
The Catholic Debutante Committee held their event on the friday night while the Business Awards were held on the Saturday evening.

I commend both associations for having the faith in their local talent, Jodi Dolbel from Back 2 Balloons rather than choosing to look outside their area for specialist decorators and the like.

Jodi has been in business over 5 years and certainly has established herself in Gunnedah now.

Although both committees had a role in the event, Jodi did all the staging and most of the decorating including the mtrs and mtrs of draping of glorious arabian colours of reds/ orange and purples and highlighted with gold.

What a magnificient display of amazing talent!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Frangapanni Wedding

This is a gorgeous wedding we decorated yesterday at the RSM club featuring the vibrant yellow of the frangapanni flowers accented with gold and silver.
The light cream coloured RSM backdrop highlighted the smaller 5" balloons set within the larger balloons.
These larger balloons 'gumballs' were set just below the top of the backdrop but high enough so they are floating above the wedding party.
This is only a sample of how Balloons n Stuf can help you to individualise your 'Special Day' .

The tables were scattered with gold hearts and dotted with frangapanni's.
A small gold metallic gift box on the tables served as a 'thankyou' for each guest that attended.
Family and friends contributed by blowing up more balloons for the ceiling and floor.

Frangapanni Wedding

Each table centrepiece was set with a small yellow lantern which weighted the gumball balloon filled with 7 smaller balloons of the featured colours. The balloons were attached with a gold metallic ribbon and an fine gold coloured organza ribbon.