Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Grafton to Inverell CycleClassic

The 2009 winner is Queensland's Malcolm Rudolph. We raced up to catch this photo just as he was overcome with emotion after his win last Saturday in the race that stretched from Grafton to Inverell over 228kms. He timed it in 6 hours, 26 minutes and 49 seconds.

It's really quite different being there at the finish line at sporting events than seeing it on the tele, you can't really feel the excitment of the crowds and the atomsphere sitting in front of the TV as you can being there and cheering on the participants. It's very contagious, if you haven't done it lately I would highly recommend it!!
It was the first time that I have watched the race & I have only one regret
& that is I wish I had a camera that can capture a speeding cyclist racing home over the finish line. I had no hope of catching anything other than a blurrrrrr. Second place went to Northern District's William Clarke while Rudolph's team mate from Rockhampton, Cameron Jennings took out third place.

McDonalds came to the party too & the children followed Ronald Mc Donald and Hamburgler around all day. It didn't hurt that he was handing out gifts either!

We were asked to do some decorating for the events presentation night. He hall was packed to the rafters (to the exits anyway)with tables.
We were asked to provide these starburst arrangements for 40 tables out of the 60 plus in the hall & the entry featured two single balloon arches.
Remember you are only limited by your budget so for something very spectacular I would suggest planning & budgeting for your function weeks or even months in advance.